A quiet day of sweet rain….written 7/12/12

Hello Friends,

Living in the country between farm fields and cow pastures, rain has been the prayer for well….several years. The Lord is so wonderful as we have had beautiful rain the last couple of days!! Everything is washed clean!! I ran into town to pick up our groceries and I saw standing water!! For anyone who has lived in drought…standing water is beautiful!! Our poor neighbor harvested all his sorghum early as it was dying due to drought. So rain is something our poor grounds, plants, critters, wells, creeks, rivers and ponds have been desperately needing!!

What a wonderful Lord to know what we need and when we need it!! Our well has been limping along and yesterday we received a quote on what it would be to repair/dig a new well. PTL!! It wasn’t as high as I thought it would be, but definitely not in the current budget plans. After praying I woke up this morning to an answered money repayment we had been waiting for….it is almost the exact amount we need for the well. Though it creates debt in the long run. But there is a plan to clear that in time. Again…all is in the Lord’s timing. He truly meets out needs when we pray and trust Him!!

Now as we move forward, the rain holds us for a little longer and gives my sweet husband a bit more time to settle into how and who will do the repairs. He is a brilliant man with a ridiculously busy schedule. Just getting all mowed and repaired is difficult these days. So it is hard for him to not do the work himself and lessen the financial blow. :) The Lord has a plan and we can all be sure there is provision. What a blessing!! So today’s sweet rain made for a lovely day.

Another part of my day after grocery shopping….was a quiet day alone. I never have days alone. With three children (two in college and my youngest sweetie) I always have people in the house. Our youngest sweeties is with my parents going to Vacation Bible School in their town. And my other two are in the college today-Friday (they are having to meet with the colleges free tutors for their classes). They ride in with my sweet hubby to the city. So it left me with a lovely day of quiet….quiet!! Oh my goodness…how wonderful!!

Though I miss my baby so much…if I think about this too long I can feel myself chocking up. She is calling at least 3 times a day!! What a sweetie!!! I know she is having so much fun!! She is the bell of the ball with her grandparents and she truly deserves her time with them!! This is her once a year stay. So I am happy for her!! But on Friday we all will be so happy to get her home!! ;)

And the older two are growing on working on college and jobs. It is a time of change for us. I usually only have a couple times a year that are a day alone….so two in a row!! WOW!!! (Friday I will be going to the church and then pick up our youngest.) Today I watched 1 1/2 movies. OK…yes, sweet hubby left late and came home hours early. :) He’s a cutie!! He mentioned I was alone. Gotta love that man!! Tomorrow I will finish my movies, get a haircut and pick up some lunch. I know it sounds really simple…but I honestly enjoy this time. It gives me allot of time to pray and think. It is so good to be still and hear His voice.

Today as I sat and prayed…the Lord was laying something on my heart. As I approached my sweet husband tonight on this, he told me he also had the same thoughts. Isn’t God amazing!! Now to only see the provision for this promised endeavor for our property as well. I cannot know what the Lord needs us to do but we can only be faithful to His guidance. I will share more as the Lord leads. It’s enough to know the Lord is at work and we are to be His faithful servants. Pray with us we can serve and obey His leading.

So though a quiet rainy day…..the Lord was at work in so many different things in our family!! PTL for all He is doing!! :)

Seeking His will,




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