A quick introduction and hello!!

bird bath gang...cute

Hello Friends,

Whew….all has been moved over!!

I am new to WordPress but very thankful to be here!! I have moved many of my older blog postings over from my other blog I will be closing soon. I have basic settings ready to roll here. I still am having a little trouble getting the links page to be seen on my blog…but I will get this worked out in the next week or so. I will be posting for the next couple of days but on Friday I will go into the hospital for surgery. I should be home by Saturday night and up and posting by Monday hopefully! 🙂

I look so forward to getting to know new friends and learn new and wonderful things in this community!!

My family and I live in the country on a small farm in between a very large farm and ranch. So we feel as if we have lots and lots of land and more critters than we do. In the past we have raised all kinds of dairy goats and grass mowing goats!! 😉 (Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Tennessee Fainting Goats). We also had a rabbit barn full of cute little fluffies. And a herding dog/Border Collie, Pepper and a guard dog/Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix, Sugar that are no longer with us. But we still have lots and lots of laying hens, roosters (all kinds of varieties), ducks, geese and my guinea hens!! With our children growing up we have slimmed back a bit.

My husband LOVES his poultry!! We have also raised meat chickens, but my sweet husband names each bird and knows their characters. He also specializes their breeding. So butchering chickens happened the first year here…and then no more. When you name a chicken “Puppy Dog” because she would come each morning to peak in the door window. She would leave us an egg in my flower pot by the front door….you just can’t get involved in meat birds. 🙂 My sweet hubby is soooo cute!! 😉

We also have a small pecan orchard, a large berry patch with: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and many varieties of grapes. We have beautiful flower gardens (literally hundreds of rose bushes), many, many fruit trees: peaches, pear/apple (we call it pearaple), figs, oranges, limes, lemons, etc. My husband also puts in a large vegetable garden. And I have my large patio garden with veggies, fruits and lots of herbs.

Our home is a lovely old farmhouse that has been here for many, many years and full of character. Before we moved in the previous owner remodeled the home and brought it more up to date. I loved all they did. I just needed to make the kitchen more mine. So we are slowly doing renovations that we like. We aren’t doing a typical redo. I am looking and finding antique pieces to add to the kitchen after painting. My sweet husband will redo the counter tops with tile and the flooring with a kitchen friendly laminate wood floor look. The house has beautiful wood floors throughout. And then finally just getting all organized for the best use possible. 🙂 (The more I organize…the more I come to LOVE organizing!!)

My fun and favorite things to do are: Learning more about the Lord through His Word, loving my family, reading, all kinds of crafting, organizing, gardening, frugal living, cooking, creating new…fun…healthy recipes, home education/continuing education, tutoring children with special needs and healthy living!! 🙂

Oh….and I love my fun little Sun Conure (bird) Squeekems!! 🙂 He is loud but still young and a sweetie!!

Well…that is a little about me and what I will be writing about!! I LOVE to share fun tips and soon I will be setting up all kinds of fun drawings!! So keep coming back and hopefully you be encouraged!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,



2 thoughts on “A quick introduction and hello!!

  1. SR says:

    Saw you were following my blog and wanted to stop by yours. Love it!! Will be back to read more! Thanks for the follow and God Bless, SR

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