A little about our lives on our little homestead….written 7/11/12

Today is an easy day after a very busy late week through the weekend celebrating the Fourth of July with family. We went and enjoyed the annual Rodeo in my parents small town in the hill country. We loved catching up with friends and family. My folks purchase a booth for all who come into town. And then we all make wonderful food and eat bbq every way imaginable. YUM!!!

The rodeo takes place on three nights in a row. Lots of bronc busting and bull riding. The little ones can participate in mutton busting and calf scrambles. One of my nephews this year caught the ribbon in one of the calf scrambles. They are all so cute!! They run after calves with ribbons on their tails. Whoever grabs the ribbons first wins a rodeo t-shirt. And the mutton busters ride sheep like….well they look like little monkeys holding on for dear life as the sheep run in the rodeo arena. Our youngest won this one year as well as the olders won the calf scrambles in their days. So cute!!! Our children are older these days and they loved cheering on their cousins and remembering when and who had won what through the years. They love giving advice and cheer the loudest of all for the little ones!! Wow!! The years go by so fast!! It is a time of lots of fun and lots of laughing!! The children are full of smiles…pure joy!!

My youngest sweetie made loads of goodies for us to take for the family!! Fruit salad with berries and bananas!! Blondies, fudge, chocolate silk pie, rice crispy treats, GF chocolate cookies, etc. My sweet son cut up a fantastic watermelon!! It was everyone’s first grab over all the sugar goodies!! YEA!!! And we also made salads, veggies, etc. So much yummy food!! Then my folks ordered all kinds of bbq meat and beans from the local bbq restaurant that has been there forever. We all know the guy who runs it by name and each year critique the goods!! ;) I think we are becoming possible foodies!! ;)

By the second meal everyone was tired of just straight bbq so I made baked potatoes with bbq brisket, sauces and toppings. Everyone loved this and seemed to prefer this by the end of the weekend. I also used the leftover potatoes to make hashbrowns the next morning with scrambled eggs and fruit salad for the mornings. It was a wonderful array of tasty goodies!!

We also took all the children to the river to swim. My terrific sister has some sweet friends with a river house. They graciously allowed us to go and use all their yard chairs and river access. We LOVED this!! It was the highlight!! There is an area in the river they call the “hot tub” (though the water is nice and cool) and we adults sat in this area to enjoyed the cool waters and great fellowship!! Such a lovely spot and so nice for  all of us!! We all can’t wait until next year!! My sweet husband even said we should get my folks to sell their house and buy on the river!! HA! ;) So cute!!

We finally arrived home Sunday after church with my parents. (Church was lovely. They have a new preacher and we are even considering attending there!!) Once home there were critters to care for, water well needing attention, pastures to mow, plants to water, laundry to sort, etc.

Yesterday I was in three different cities/towns at three different doctor’s appointments. I also ran by my favorite Korean Market in the city to pickup all their wonderful and fresh veggies!! Good tip, sometimes the asian markets have fresher and less expensive fresh fruits an veggies!! I also LOVE to look at their kitchen goodies!! Their gadgets are great and much less expensive!! FUN!!! And of course I have to pickup a nice cold bottle of aloe vera juice for the way home. Caution, in the Asian markets Aloe Vera Juice has sugar in it. So I treat this as a dessert not a staple. They are small little glass bottles in their fridge and such a wonderful treat on a hot Summer day!! ;)

Today hubby decided he needed to work from home. He unfortunately decided to stay up late and get up early both days. (I would have loved this in our earlier days. He used to be the early bird to bed and up. And I was the night owl. Now we are reversing a bit.) So needless to say…I am a bit tuckered out today. So while my sweet hubby works from home, we are both sitting in our recliners working on our laptops. :) Watching the rain this morning (PTL!!) and praying for more. What a sweet blessed life!!

I pray each of you enjoy life and family!! I pray each of you also enjoy the slow days as well as the action ones!! All are wonderful and truly a part of the Lord’s plans for each of our lives. To God be the glory!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,


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