A great day in getting things done!! PTL!!! written 7/17/12

Dearest Friends,

Today was a day of much to do. It started slow with my Sweet Hubby working from home and PTL he was able to fix his car. (Mine still to go. ;) ) He is so talented in his work as well as his work on our property!! PTL he can repair cars, twist wrenches, plant gardens, tend to his critters and work in a very intellectual job. He is a brilliant man with a real man’s God given incredible abilities!! OK….I really like him, can you tell!?! ;)

On the other hand I was able to work with my two youngers to get all the long list of to do’s done inside. PTL!!! I also was able to get our Yahoo Group set up for Conservative Christian Women. Order my Azure. Print out all all the notebook items for my two youngers, my business materials and a wonderful e-book on organizing my photos/photography/scrapbooking!! All are in their appointed notebooks/folders and ready for use!! LOVE IT!!! Printed out all calendars, homeschool work, chores and business to do’s for family employees. God is so good!!

If you can’t tell, I am truly a list person. I LOVE being organized!! I love organizing others. I have honestly considered being an organizer by profession!! ;) Though I still have much left I am clearing out from 27 years of moving and large storages as well as my store I closed. :) So there is a FULL 1800 basement full to clear out. And when I was so ill years ago, my sweeties put things in boxes without labels. So it will be like Christmas with every box we open!! ;)  So nothing is as exhilarating as a good clean out!! I know that may sound silly to others but it is such a tangible goal!! You can look at something and see what you have accomplished!! ;) If haven’t found this tool….try Cozi.com. It is free and you can organize yourself and the entire family!! There is also a free phone app!! I can make my grocery list, check it off as I shop and not waste ink and paper to use it!! LOVE IT!!!

Tomorrow I will try to begin and finish my filing cabinets/folders. This job genuinely is a week long job. They haven’t been deep cleared out and cleaned out for over a 12 years. It all depends if my Sweet Honey will work from home again tomorrow. If he will I will begin on Wednesday. I have done bits and pieces but I have now decided to completely gut and clear out at least half of everything. I will use the Freedom Filer system. I will also archive unnecessary items. Whew!! I am just tired thinking of all of that!! ;) The Lord’s will be done on when it will be completed. But still praying for a one day-er.

I am also clearing and sorting through literally a couple of thousand books. It is unbelievable that we acquired so many! With family members who were English majors and librarians….we come by the interest honestly. Each child has an established library larger than most families. I will only sort the “general” books. Some I will sell and  some I will donate. It will be good to give these books other homes. It will also be a blessing to have less to manage and to free up bookshelves is a blessing!! And not to have bookshelves so cluttered/crowded!! Woo Hoo!!! ;) We homeschoolers love our books and bookshelves!! ;)

And finally I will then begin all the businesses/store sales. I am already selling off some inventory on Ebay and that is wonderful!! I will begin all of my fabric, yarn, fiber, etc. And I will also clear out all of my other businesses as well. (I have had many businesses through the years. And not knowing if I would continue them on or the children would continue them on, I saved as much as possible.) Time to let this go!!

I am thrilled to clear out!! And then EVERYTHING will get a great scrubbing!! Though we are scrubbing and cleaning as we go. For those of you who live in the country, have you ever noticed how much more you clean in the country than in a city home? We genuinely scrub and clean all through out the day and it gets dirty so easily!! Whew….it truly keeps me humble!!

Well that’s it for today. I wanted to share all that is happening here on our little property and share the blessings of one car repaired and a Good Man who did a great job!! I also am writing a somewhat todo list for myself and hoping to encourage others in this walk of “de-cluttering”. :) We can make it!!

To God be the glory in all we all do each day,



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