Today’s journey…

Hello Friends, Today I went to see my surgeon and then to check into the hospital for surgery first thing tomorrow morning. I was so encouraged to see the Lord's provision for tomorrow. Not only is my surgeon a very experienced, wise and skilled surgeon, he made a point to listen to my questions. He … Continue reading Today’s journey…


A quick introduction and hello!!

Hello Friends, Whew....all has been moved over!! I am new to WordPress but very thankful to be here!! I have moved many of my older blog postings over from my other blog I will be closing soon. I have basic settings ready to roll here. I still am having a little trouble getting the links … Continue reading A quick introduction and hello!!

Leftovers for Breakfast previously posted 3/25/13

Hello Dear Friends, This morning we enjoyed a lovely and yet easy breakfast!! Do you struggle first thing in the morning when it’s time to feed your family? I have to be honest…it is only of late that I have become a morning person. For years I didn’t even eat breakfast and taught my children … Continue reading Leftovers for Breakfast previously posted 3/25/13


Today’s Crock Pot Creation and Yummy Dessert previously posted 3/24/13

Happy Palm Sunday Dear Friends, Today was a colder weather than we have been having!! We woke up to large wind gusts and chilly weather. WOW!!! We have literally been in the 80′s and actually hit 90 this last week, so this morning’s change was a bit of a surprise. We have been so busy … Continue reading Today’s Crock Pot Creation and Yummy Dessert previously posted 3/24/13


9 Tips to Simplify Freezer Cooking previously posted 3/23/13

Guest post from Krista of Krista Adams I have enjoyed cooking and meal planning for a few years now, but recently I have been intrigued by freezer cooking. I thought it would make my weekday evenings easier if I had the option of pulling a meal from the freezer. But, I was very intimidated about the time … Continue reading 9 Tips to Simplify Freezer Cooking previously posted 3/23/13


Finding Treasures previously posted 3/23/13

Good day Dear Friends, Today I have been continuing in my home preparation and project finishing. I will be having surgery Good Friday and want all in order. So this morning, I decided I was very tired after driving to 5 different towns running errands yesterday….WHEW! So I went through all my cord boxes and … Continue reading Finding Treasures previously posted 3/23/13


Pictures promised!! previously posted 3/16/13

Hello Dear Friends, Here are some of my wonderfully sprouted and fermented foods in the making!! Soaked almonds now ready to go in the dehydrator…YUM!!! Aren’t the almonds beautifully plump and ready to dehydrate for storage!! Once dehydrated, I begin taking them up and storing in jars for snacks and meals. I LOVE to store … Continue reading Pictures promised!! previously posted 3/16/13